Overlooking Dublin

Ferne Corrigan produced this visually stunning video on Dublin Bay between 2011 - 2012. The internationally important sites and species featured on the video can accessed by the Dublin Dart system and are all less than an hours journey from Irelands capital city and its 1.4 million residents.

Overlooking Dublin

Studing Brent Geese in the Dublin Bay Biosphere

Fingal County Council, a Biosphere partner recently commissioned a University of Exeter Student, Tess Handby, to conduct a survey of Brent Geese in our Biosphere. Please take time to check out the video which explains the reasons behind the research and demonstrates the methods used.
Please note: No birds were harmed during the making of this video. Not too sure about the camera though!

Dublin Bay Biosphere Brent Geese Video

Urban Splash Dún Laoghaire

Make an Urban Splash in Dublin! The beautiful Dublin Coast is truly where the city meets the sea. There’s a host of activities to enjoy on land and in the pristine waters of the Irish Sea. You can learn to sail, enjoy a thrilling trip in a power-boat, or try paddleboarding, kayaking and surfing. Dive in for a sea swim or just relax on the beach. Go fishing or take a cruise and learn about the incredible Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere. Hire a bike or simply go for a stroll and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Urban Splash Video

Shane’s Howth Adventures

Howth is an ancient island now connected to Dublin set in 5000 years of European history. Personal adventures, discoveries and friendships happen here. Share the magic of nature and the old days with the buzz, insight and energy of youth. A foodie heaven at every level. Get here in your own way, on your own day.



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Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem services are services provided by nature which benefit humans. These services fall into four main categories:

Provisioning - Production of clean water, food, wood and pollinator services.

Regulating - Flood control, cooling effect, purify air and water and storing of carbon.

Supporting - Soil formation, habitats and biodiversity.

Cultural - Aesthetic, recreation, education, spiritual.


Dublin's Historians

Dublin was founded by the Vikings. They founded a new town on the south bank of the Liffey in 841. It was called Dubh Linn, which means black pool. The new town of Dublin was fortified with a ditch and an earth rampart with a wooden palisade on top. In the late 11th stone walls were built around Dublin. The Danes also erected an artificial hill where the men of Dublin met to make laws and discuss policy.

In the 21st century Dublin continued to thrive. In 2000 a new pedestrian bridge, the Millennium Bridge was opened across the Liffey and in 2003 The Spire was erected. Trams returned to Dublin in 2004. The Convention Centre Dublin opened in 2010. Bord Gais Energy Theatre opened the same year, 2010.

Learn more about those keeping Dublin’s history alive.


Diving in Dublin Bay

Ever fancied diving in Dublin Bay, you’d be amazed what’s down there!? This video shows Dublin based divers exploring the MV Bolivar which sank in 12 metres of water back in 1947. Thankfully there were no casualties.

Ocean Divers Ireland