Hannah Burke (9) Crowned Dublin's Young Nature Blogger Champion

Grassland Heroes



“What was that?” said the alarmed Hazel. Hazel hopped out of her hole. Three big lorries were parked outside her home.

“What on earth?!” said Hazel.

RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE. Two lorries started to move again.

Gurgle gurgle. “Well time for breakfast,” said Hazel. But when she got to the grasslands it was covered in this slippery grey stuff all over the freshly grown grass.All of a sudden there was a gust of wind.

“buur,” said Hazel, “definitely a sign of winter”. But, but, but Hazel was frozen to the spot.Her friend Millie heard the rumbling too.

“Did you hear it? Did you hear it?”

“Yes, Milly,” said Hazel. “I heard it and look something is happening to our favourite grassland.”

“WHAT! I hope they know what's coming for them.”

“Oh stop Miley we can't jump right in to this again. They’re properly just building one of those apartments, is it?”

“ On our favourite gra gra gra grassland!” Hazel was seeing that this was a bigger problem than she thought.

“So,” said Milly, “we have to stop them.”

Hazel and Milly had this discussion for a while by themselves but the more and more they talked about it the more and more animals heard about it and got involved.


“So,” said Milly on a cold winter morning, “Hazel and I have been talking about a thing that is happening around here. We need your help to stop them from building the apartments.”

“Yes, thank you Milly for sharing your idea but the real problem is that everyday it gets colder and colder and that means it’s coming into winter. So we need hibernation food and everyday more and more of the grey slippery stuff is coming on our home,” said Hazel.

“I think it’s called cement,” said an old puffin.

“Oh ok,” said Hazel “now that we know what it's called it will make it a lot easier to explain. Ok so I have an idea. We can go up to one of the builders and start scratching him and maybe that will convince him to go talk with his boss or master.”

And so they did. The very next afternoon Hazel and Milly went up to the youngest builder they could see. They went up behind him and started to scratch his legs while all the other builders were getting attacked. “Ahh” cried the builder and then he said to his boss in a worried tone ‘I think we should move the building site!”

“Why?” said the boss.

“Something scratched me today.”

“Ok, Ok”

So the very next day the lovely fresh grass was back. YAY!!!

Story by Hannah Burke, Age 9 from 4th Class North Dublin National School Project