The Wild Postcard Project aims to increase awareness of biodiversity through artwork competitions for kids & teens in locations across the world. The winning artworks are converted into postcards, allowing local biodiversity – as depicted by artistically inclined youth – to be shared to all corners of the globe.

What might be considered ‘old-fashioned’ medium: postcards, offer an initiative that allows us to revert to the days of pen pals in providing a much-needed digital detox!


The Wild Postcard Project want to get people around the world talking about biodiversity – the animals, plants, and bacteria that comprise life on Earth. And that’s why we need you! We need your artwork – whether it’s a painting, collage, drawing, etching…we want you to somehow showcase biodiversity of the place where you live.

They are calling on talented kids and teens (ages 5-18) to make artwork depicting your local biodiversity. At each of our competition locations, a judging panel will select the top 12 artworks, which we will turn into postcards. We are hopeful that these postcards – posted to destinations across the world – will raise awareness of the fantastic creatures and plants we’ve got here on Earth.

More details and entry form here
Deadline is 24th June 2020