Tree of Life Vandalised

One of the most iconic sculptures in Dublin, the 'Tree of Life' was recently vandalised.

Produced in 2018 by Tommy Cragg from the trunk of a dying 200 year old Montery cypress tree, this impressive feature has been wowing visitors to St. Anne's Park and the nearby Bull Island since its installation.

Standing an impressive 10 metre's tall the sculpture features carvings of woodland animals, birds and sealife, all of which can be found within our biosphere.

The Lord Mayor for Dublin, Tom Brabazon, said “This is a beautiful sculpture enjoyed by adults and children alike, and I want to condemn this wanton act of vandalism in the strongest possible terms. It’s so sad to see something like this happen. I would appeal to anyone with any information to contact the Gardai.”

It is believed the damage can be repaired, leaving us with only one question. Why?