Sensory Insect Webinars

In this series we will learn amazing facts about insects through sight, taste, sound, smell and touch.

The workshops are being delivered by Creative Entamologist Nessa Darcy whose mission is to reintroduce humans to their natural habitat through colourful encounters with insects.

In addition to Nessa’s ecology work in Ireland and Madagascar, she is an artist and member of an intercultural choir, bringing creativity and inclusivity to her workshops.

Nessa also available delivers workshops through the Heritage in School Scheme.

  • Teachers registering for the workshop will be sent a resource list to help them gain the most benefit from the sessions.

  • Students and teachers will have a chance to ask Nessa questions towards the end of each workshop.

  • All sessions will be recorded and shared on the Dublin Bay Biosphere and Kerry Biosphere YouTube channels.


Registration is required for each webinar; links to register are included below.

The workshops will focus on exploring Insects through the five senses.

Students will learn creativity, nature connection and lots of interesting facts about Irelands insects.

Nessa has created this series of workshops to suit primary school students from 3rd to 6th class.

Students and teachers can pose questions in the Q&A function. We will endeavour to answer as many questions as we can.

Session 1: Exploring Insects through held on the 26th April at 10am

Exploring Insects Through Sight

Session 2: Exploring Insects through Sound – May 10th from 10am

Exploring Insects Through Sound

Session 3: Exploring Insects through Taste – May 17th from 10am

Exploring Insects Through Taste

Session 4: Exploring Insects through Smell – May 24th from 10am

Exploring Insects Through Smell

Session 5: Exploring Insects through Touch – May 31st from 10am

Exploring Insects Through Touch