Picture Perfect


Philip Swan is the 3rd of our volunteer Social Influencers whose role is to promote the wonder and majesty of Dublin Bay and to share that with locals and visitors alike.

Philip’s skill lies in capturing the beauty of Dublin Bay through a lens and as the saying goes a picture says a thousand words!

We’re delighted to have Philip join the team to share his passion for our Biosphere.

Philip’s Bio

Having lived overlooking Baldoyle Bay (Special Area of Conservation, Special Protection Area, designated as a Ramser Site & part of the Dublin Bay Biosphere Reserve) for all his life, it is true to say that it has a special place in his heart for all things wild & wonderful. This Passion has extended further a field to include all areas of the Dublin Bay Biosphere.


As a keen amateur wildlife photographer sharing his work on social media has shown Philip that people from all walks of life love nature and care about its conservation. Philip hopes to share his through the lens insights with the rest of Dublin so we can all focus on & learn about the beauty that surrounds us while enhancing & protecting it together.

Delighted to be chosen as part of the social influencer team, Philip hopes to deliver content that will encourage everyone to get out & enjoy this wonderful biosphere right on our doorstep while protecting it into the future for others to enjoy.


All Images Courtesy of Philip Swan