Picker Pals in the Dublin Bay Biosphere

“We had loads of fun. She really, really enjoyed the sense of responsibility, being in charge, doing something for the environment and seeing the results of her work. It has completely changed the way she looks at the world.” These are the words of the mother of a 1st Class pupil from the Burrow National School,. Sutton, who are taking part in Picker Pals, a new environmental programme designed for primary school children and their families. It has been rolled out by environmental NGO, Voice Ireland in a number of schools throughout the Biosphere during the past school year and is now poised for a nationwide launch.

All the children in the class are given the story book Picker Power and a fun collection of activities and puzzles teaching them about the environment. Real litter-picking is motivated by a Picker Pack containing adult and child litter-picking tools and taken home by a different student every week. The kids then tell the story of their litter-picking adventures through art and writing. You can find out more about Picker Pals and find the catchy Picker Pals song on their website www.pickerpalsworld.org

Picker Pals pack

We’re fans of the programme in the Biosphere because apart from actually removing litter it allows children to actually do something to participate in and lead change. By becoming active in this way, they are joining the community of environmentally active people, leading to a lifetime of positive participation. What’s more, the Picker Packs are manufactured in the design upcycling workshop at the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun and made from old dinghy sails, thereby contributing to the circular economy. Picker Pals creator, children’s book author, Patrick Jackson from Howth spoke to us about the programme:

“Raising awareness is an essential part of the solution to littering. Picker Pals gives young people the tools and positive motivation to steward their local environment. We’re delighted to see this sort of action by the young people of the Biosphere and happy to hear that parents, children and teachers are enjoying making the world better.”
Picker Pals

Picker Pals have kindly gifted 50 books to children in the Dublin Bay Biosphere. We will send them by snail mail directly to their letterboxes on a first come first served basis. Just send an email to info@dublinbaybiosphere.ie

Offer closes 31st August 2020

We are so lucky to live in a bustling city lapped by Nature. Of course this comes with challenges in how we look after the beauty around us. Picker Pals is doing a great job of creating the young environmentalists of the future.

Picker Pals Website