Otters of Dublin

Dublin City Council, one of the 6 partners of the Dublin Bay Biosphere, commissioned a baseline otter survey in 2018 and 2019 to identify the presence of otters in the Dublin City Boundaries. The research covered 83.8km of streams and 44.7km of coast. The survey sought to identify the presence of otters by looking for key markers such as the presence of holts, spraints, couches and prints.
Unsurprisingly the report found that less developed areas saw increased otter activity.

This report identifies the most important areas for otters based on known lower areas of disturbance, characterised by better quality semi-natural river channel with good riparian cover and lower levels of encroachment and or associated disturbance.

The research provides essential information to help planners and developers make informed decisions which safeguard otters a protected species under the EU Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC as an Annex II and Annex IV.

Irish Times Article

The report unsurprisingly found the less-disturbed areas of rivers and streams had more otter activity.

To read the full report please click the link below.

Otter Survey Findings

Photo by Leslie Barker