Naked Truth About Litter


Local Beach Cleaning wizard and litter activist Flossie Donnelly and an army of friends and supporters have come together to produce a brilliant, if a little cheeky, calendar for 2021. The idea for the calendar is to make people smile in these crazy times and remind them that whilst the Corona Virus is here, we can still appreciate the beauty of where we live whilst cleaning the planet.

Every model featured in the calendar is wearing a piece of rubbish/pollution collected by Flossie and her friends during their clean-ups.

​The proceeds of the calendar go to the Flossie and The Beach Cleaners charity so that they can continue their school workshop education programme and continue to clean the oceans and seas of plastic pollution. ​

To learn more about Flossie and to order a copy see the link to Flossie’s website below.

Flossie's Website