Humans of the Biosphere - Niamh Fitzgerald Ecologist

“I work for BirdWatch Ireland monitoring the waterbirds using the Bay. The two schemes I do this for are the Dublin Bay Birds Project (funded by Dublin Port Company) and The Irish Wetland Bird Survey (funded by National Parks and Wildlife Service and coordinated by BirdWatch Ireland.”

"I feel so privileged to get carry out fieldwork within the Biosphere. It is never the same any two times you visit - be it new people, plants, birds (etc.) there is always something new to connect with. One of my favourite things about surveying at Bull Island is watching how the species change throughout the year, how the bird numbers rise and fall. Especially given the Irish climate is so similar all year round, I find it wonderful to be able to witness nature’s indicators of seasonal change in such a spectacular setting.”


Article provided by Social Influencer Derek Skehan as part of his Humans of the Biosphere series.