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Dublin Bay Biosphere seeks to celebrate and promote a wider appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of Dublin Bay.

The Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership is committed to working in partnership with local businesses to provide support and opportunities to those organisations who wish to do business in a more sustainable manner and contribute towards achieving the Dublin Bay Biosphere Vision, to protect and promote our natural resources and cultural heritage, develop our economy in a sustainable way, and make our environmental impact positive wherever possible.

As a first step in this process we have developed a “Biosphere Charter” for our Local “Biosphere Supporters” that embraces the ethos of our UNESCO Biosphere, we are committed to supporting local businesses to promote the ways that they contribute to supporting the local economy, environment and communities.


Shane’s Howth Adventures

Shane's Howth Adventures offer award winning family run Howth tours. A world away yet still on Dublin's doorstep and just 25 minutes from the city centre. Walk, hike or take an electric bike tour on one of our Howth coastal adventures. Their guides are all Howth natives who share their own unique insight. Nobody knows it better.

As a business supporter Shane’s Howth Adventures are committed to promote and support our biosphere through the following actions:

· Double the membership of the Howth Biosphere Network in 2021

· Publicise the UN Dublin Bay Biosphere on all our social media channels

· Adopt the Fingal CoCo Biodiversity and Sustainability strategies within the Howth Biosphere Network ( Redrock management Plan, Irelands Eye Management Plan, Fingal Tree Strategy)

· Model solutions for local community sustainability

· Empower the local community stakeholders through the Howth Biosphere Network

· Celebrate the diversity of life through the many habitats on the Howth Peninsula.

· Develop a Renewable Energy program for Howth Business network members.

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Biosphere Supporter

As a business supporter of the Dublin Bay Biosphere Shane’s Howth Adventures agree to the following 5 principals which form our Business Charter:

· Understanding the objectives and ambition of the Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere designation.

· Raising awareness of the Dublin Bay Biosphere within and beyond your company.

· Operating your business in a way which conserves natural resources and minimises waste.

· Supporting the local economy and local produce.

· Promoting cultural heritage.

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