Design for Nature

Researchers with the Ecostructure project are exploring ways of building eco-sensitive designs into coastal structures such as marinas, harbours, sea walls, piers and breakwaters to benefit marine biodiversity.

They have experiments along the Irish Sea coastlines, including at Malahide Marina, where they are looking at the value of eco-sensitive designs for marine plants and animals.


To learn more about the research you are invited to visit the Ecostructure Observatory.

The Observatory is a website where you will find information on a number of projects including Stories about your Coastal Structures, their Seashore Snail Survey and Eco-Sensitive Design.

The Observatory also forms an important part of their research through which they invite you to learn more about their projects and to tell them what you think about their research!

Click the link below to visit the Observatory.

Ecostructure Observatory

To help Ecostructure understand what you value about your coast and what you think of their eco-engineering experiments, they are inviting you to take their 10 minute survey.

Their interested in learning what you think about their experimental designs & whether you’d support these enhancements along your coast.

To take the survey please click the link below.