Dublin City Council Draft Biodiversity Action Plan

Dublin City is rich in biodiversity and incorporates the most designated site on the island of Ireland – the North Bull Island National Nature Reserve.

Ireland's Sixth National Report to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity reported that 91% of protected habitats in Ireland are in poor or inadequate condition and more than 50% are declining, while 14% of species assessed were considered as endangered.

As a key event in National Biodiversity Week, Dublin City Council is launching the Draft Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan (2021-2025) for public consultation. This is the third such plan produced by Dublin City Council and is based on the following six themes that have been created and informed by a forum of environmental NGOs, educational institutions and state agencies.


· Maintaining Nature in the City

· Restoring Nature in the City

· Building for Biodiversity

· Dublin as a Green Capital City

· Understanding Biodiversity in the City

· Partnering for Biodiversity

Each theme links to the Strategic Objectives of the National Biodiversity Action Plan (2017-2021) while considering the urban context of biodiversity within Dublin. There is a new focus on restoration of biodiversity to respond to the public survey and reflect EU policy. A specific theme centres on Dublin as a Green Capital City to link biodiversity to quality of life, health and economic competitiveness. The Draft Plan contains 18 objectives to be implemented through 100 targeted actions. The Draft Plan will guide what steps Dubliners need to take over the next five years in terms of addressing the crisis of biodiversity loss.

Lord Mayor, Hazel Chu says “I encourage everyone to read the Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan and to give us their comments. Most importantly, I would ask everyone in Dublin City to support the Plan to deliver the 100 actions for biodiversity in it. This Plan has been produced with the help of many environmental organisations and I want to thank them for giving their time and commitments to the Plan. This is National Biodiversity Week and International UN Biodiversity Day is this Saturday and we can be part of the solution for nature.”


In 2020 Dublin City Council conducted a public survey to gauge people’s awareness of biodiversity and seek their views on actions that are needed. The survey attracted over 1,000 respondents and results showed 74% of respondents felt that biodiversity had become more important to them over the past 5 years (to their quality of life) and that they would like to see Dublin City Council carry out more habitat restoration projects.

Maryann Harris, Senior Executive Parks and Landscape Officer (Biodiversity) says:

“The theme of this year’s International Biodiversity Day is “We’re part of the solution for nature”. The new Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan guides how we can find solutions in Dublin to deal with the biodiversity crisis. We can think globally and act locally for biodiversity in many ways to have a Green Capital City.”

Lorraine Bull, Biodiversity Officer says: “Over the past year in particular, there has been a marked increase in awareness and appreciation of local biodiversity. People have felt closer to nature, they want to know more and contribute to conservation in their local area. In response there are specific actions in the plan for outreach and working with local community groups across the city. We hope that the timely publication of the Draft Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan (2021-2025) will encourage as many people as possible to provide their feedback on the plan while feeling inspired to help biodiversity across the city.”

The Draft Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan (2021-2025) will be open for public consultation until midnight on Wednesday 16th June

Draft Biodiversity Action Plan