The winners announced on the 4th of May were:

1.Best photograph of a crustacean/echinoderm – 1st place “Oldest Lobster in the Bay” by Nigel Motyer, 2nd place “Brittlestars in Dalkey Sound” by Dave Wall, 3rd place “Velvet crabs” by Padraig Keane

2.Best photograph of a sponge/cnidarian/sea squirt – 1st place “Sunlit Jelly” by Nigel Motyer, 2nd place “Dahlia Anemone” by Fintan Keating, 3rd place “Dahlia Anemone” by Cathy Davis

3.Best photograph of a worm/mollusc - 1st place “Octopus at Night” by Nigel Motyer, 2nd place “Nudis” by Maja Stankovski, 3rd place “Octopus at Night” by Sarah Tallon

4.Best photograph of a fish or mammal - 1st place “Dalkey Seal” by Nigel Motyer, 2nd place “Seal Pup” by Nigel Motyer, 3rd place “Tom” by Cathy Davis

5.Best photograph of “Spotted in Dublin Bay” - 1st place “BYOB Dalkey sound” by Andrew Keegan, 2nd place “Camoflague” by Cathy Davis, 3rd place “Strictly Come Dancing Red Velvet crabs” by Brendan Moran

6.Best compact camera or action camera image - 1st place “Goldsinny Wrasse” by Damien McGuirk, 2nd place “Prawns” by Brendan Moran, 3rd place “Blue-ray Limpets” by Ciarán Smyth

7.Biodiversity Officers Staff Favourites – “Sea Trotter” and “Stardust” by Marco Salino

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who entered!