Biosphere Award for 1st Fairview Scouts


Starting back in October of last year the Beavers of the 1st Fairview Scouts
did a hike from Howth dart station to Sutton strand over part of the Bog of Frogs loop. On the walk the Beavers heard tell of the red squirrels that live on the Howth peninsula and why there are so few of them. Unfortunately even with many eyes the young beavers were unable to spot these elusive creatures.

On Sutton strand the Beavers used binoculars to look at the seals on Bull Island and they learned that people should not go close to the seals on the island itself.

They also lifted up seaweed and saw tiny shrimp and crabs and they picked a few cherry tomatoes from tomatoes growing on the strand and heard explained how the tomato seeds got to the strand via human poo!

In the depths of winter but cosy in their den the Beavers did crafts to help them learn more about the biosphere. They made red squirrels from pine cones, seals from toilet roll inserts and crabs from shells. They were also taught about the impacts of human behaviour on our natural habitats and this could have people’s livelihoods.


Then on the 6th May the Beavers went to Dollymount Strand where they picked up litter and looked for mermaids purses.

They found 4 mermaids purses and this find was uploaded to purse search Ireland. They learned what mermaids purses are and what citizen science is.

By undertaking citizen science work and helping clean up Dollymount Strand the young Bearvers had completed their three actions to earn a Biosphere Award:

  • Immerse yourselves in nature and use all your senses to experience what’s around you.
  • Learn about man’s impacts (both positive and negative).
  • Take action to protect your biosphere through conservation, citizen science and/or awareness raising.

It’ safe to say these brilliant young people deserve their badges and we hope they will continue to be Biosphere Champions long into the future.