Our Natural Habitat - 10 Week challenge

This summer, you are invited to take part in Our Natural Habitat, a ten week challenge for all ages, to protect and connect with our natural habitat in Dublin Bay and Kerry UNESCO Biospheres!

Here's how to take part:

1. Join this online workshop, the first of five, where Dale Treadwell of Naturally WildDean Eaton of Dublin Bay BiosphereEleanor Turner of Kerry Biosphere and Nessa Darcy Creative Entomologist introduce you to the first two tasks in the challenge, on the theme of Earth: Returning to the Wild. You'll learn about gardening for wildlife and rethinking how we use the land we share with other species, with lots of suggestions for carrying out your tasks!

Register Here

2. Email info@nessadarcy.ie for more information or to sign up to a mailing list to receive the tasks each week.

3. Join the Facebook group "Our Natural Habitat Biosphere Challenge" where each task will be announced. Here, you can share the actions you have taken each week with fellow participants, as well as requesting and sharing ideas.

4. Get outdoors and take action!

Join other humans all across the Biospheres in taking action to protect and connect with the land and sea that we share with other species. Sign up for fun weekly tasks for all ages and share your achievements with your local community and online. A series of online workshops, featuring an exciting line-up of environmental heroes, will show you our natural habitat in a new light and guide you through each challenge towards a brighter future for Ireland's environment!

Our vision is a network of thriving ecosystems and sustainable communities all across the Biospheres, where humans remember that we are part of nature and live harmoniously with other species. Each challenge is designed to help us be better neighbours to our local biodiversity. Flourishing ecosystems will, in turn, reward us by reducing climate change, feeding us, benefiting our mental and physical health and more!


We encourage families, friends, communities and businesses to work together (in line with Covid-19 restrictions) to rethink our role in the ecosystem and take action. Each of the weekly challenges is a chance to try out a new Biosphere-friendly activity or idea, many of which we hope will become a regular part of your lives.

If you can't make it to this workshop, join the Our Natural Habitat Biosphere Challenge group on Facebook, where a recording of the workshop will be available to view soon after the event, and you can share the results of your challenges with other participants. There will be four more workshops throughout the ten week challenge.