Tri-Biosphere Webinar Series - 'Old Ways in New Days'

FROM Feb 16 TO Feb 16

Tri Webinar Series - "Old Ways in New Days"

Shane is an archaeologist, folklorist and historian and course Director of Cultural and Heritage Studies in CSN, College of Further Education, Cork. Shane has appeared on many television and radio programmes exploring many different aspects of Irish folk tradition. He is a regular and very popular contributor on the Today Show (RTÉ) expounding many different aspects of Irish folk custom. Shane is also a beekeeper and advocate of Irish vernacular craft.


If you like the idea of getting out and doing it for yourself, building boats or baskets, learning by doing and the rich cultural history of how stuff is made and why it’s made that way then this webinar is for you!

Tri-Biosphere Webinar Series

In celebration of the 50th year anniversary of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere programme, three neighbouring Biosphere Reserves, the Dublin Bay Biosphere Reserve, The Kerry Biosphere Reserve and the Isle of Man Biosphere Reserve, have come together to co-host a yearlong webinar programme celebrating the natural and built heritage and culture of these extraordinary places.

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