Protecting our Pollinators

FROM Aug 24 TO Aug 24

My name is Dr Eileen Power and I’m a researcher at Trinity College Dublin. I'm creating a flower map of Ireland to help conserve pollinators. I want to know which habitats provide the best food for pollinators. To do this, I need to know what type of flowers (and how many) are growing all over Ireland. But I can't survey all of Ireland alone!

I’m asking people to become a Citizen Scientist and contribute to pollinator conservation. It's easy, just take some photos of flowers and upload them to our new BeeBia app The app was created by researchers in UCD in collaboration with the Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership. We have just finished developing the app and, during Heritage Week 2016, we need your help to test it out. During this workshop, you will learn to use the app while experiencing the beauty of Bull Island.

All participants will receive some Dublin Bay Biosphere goodies!