Magenta Honey by Gabhann Dunne

FROM Jun 24 TO Jun 28

Magenta Honey - an exhibition of paintings by Gabhann Dunne, inspired by nature on North Bull Island

Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership is pleased to present Magenta Honey, new work by artist Gabhann Dunne. Gabhann was invited to respond to the unique environment of North Bull Island, which lies within the UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve, as part of Dublin City Council’s Art & Ecology Programme.

Beneath the sublime quality of the textures of his paintings is a concern about the future of our planet. This exhibition is accompanied by a specially commissioned text by Nathan Hugh O’Donnell, writer and editor of Paper Visual Arts Journal.

Magenta HoneyAn exhibition by Gabhann Dunne
LocationThe Red Stables - The Red Stables, St. Anne’s Park, Mount Prospect Avenue, Dublin 3
Start24th June
End28th June