Flowers of the Biosphere Webinar

FROM Jul 16 TO Jul 16

Tri Biosphere Webinar - Flowers of the Biosphere

We hope you'll join us as we look to discover the important habitats of North Bull Island and the species reliant upon them with Dr. Melinda Lyons. Learn from Dr. Noeleen Smyth about the impacts of invasive species and garden escapees on our native plants and why choosing the right wildflower mix is so important. And share in the wonder of rare and interesting species from across the biosphere with Dr. Tim Ryle.

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A little about our speakers.

“Dr Melinda Lyons will discuss some of the rare plant species which are found on Bull Island and the importance of conserving the habitats in which they occur. Melinda is a botanist with a keen interest in the plant communities and ecology of natural habitats. She lectures in field ecology, nature conservation and environmental science in TU Dublin.”

“Noeleen Smyth is a horticulturalist and botanist. She has worked in Ireland and abroad on plant conservation issues. She has worked on invasive species control and identification in Dublin Bay with Fingal Co Council. She has worked for many years at the National Botanic Gardens and recently moved to a new position as Ass. Prof of Environmental Horticulture at UCD, Belfield.”

“Tim Ryle is botanist, who has also lectured at UCD in habitat classification for aspiring environmental scientists. He has been involved in various surveys of all the coastal habitats along the Biosphere but will talk about some plants of note from across the wider Biosphere”.


In celebration of the 50th year anniversary of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere programme, three neighbouring Biosphere Reserves, the Dublin Bay Biosphere Reserve, The Kerry Biosphere Reserve and the Isle of Man Biosphere Reserve, have come together to co-host a yearlong webinar programme celebrating the natural and built heritage and culture of these extraordinary places.

Images kindly supplied by Pat Corrigan