Biosphere Challenge

FROM Jul 01 TO Sep 30

Each week you will join other people all across the Biospheres in taking action to protect and connect with the land and sea that we share with other species. Sign up for fun weekly tasks for all ages and share your achievements with your local community and online. A series of online workshops, featuring an exciting line-up of environmental heroes, will show you our natural habitat in a new light and guide you through each challenge towards a brighter future for Ireland's environment!


The first challenge asks participants to do nothing! Well not exactly. What we’d like you to do is take time to enjoy nature. Spend at least 1 hour relaxing in the garden or a wild space and observe nature doing its thing. Hopefully by doing this activity you’ll find yourself relaxing and appreciating the wonder and beauty of nature.

The second challenge asks you to grow a wildflower flowerpot. Can you make make an amazing floral display using only wildflowers in a flower pot? Share your results with the biosphere at the end of the 10 week challenge.

Future challenges will be added over the coming weeks.You can check out our webinar and discover more about the Biosphere Challenge via the links below.

Webinar 1 Webinar 2 Facebook Page

Our vision is a network of thriving ecosystems and sustainable communities all across the Biospheres, where humans remember that we are part of nature and live harmoniously with other species. Each challenge is designed to help us be better neighbours to our local biodiversity. Flourishing ecosystems will, in turn, reward us by reducing climate change, feeding us, benefiting our mental and physical health and more!

We encourage families, friends, communities and businesses to work together (in line with Covid-19 restrictions) to rethink our role in the ecosystem and take action. Each of the weekly challenges is a chance to try out a new Biosphere-friendly activity or idea, many of which we hope will become a regular part of your lives.