The Biosphere Challenge which was developed in partnership with Nessa Darcy encourages anyone with an interest in the biosphere to undertake simple actions which will help contribute towards the protection of our biosphere by helping us to live a little more sustainably.

Each week you will join other people all across the Biospheres in taking action to protect and connect with the land and sea that we share with other species.

These fun weekly tasks are suitable for all ages and we encourage you to share your achievements with your local community and our Natural Habitat Facebook Page (see below).
A series of videos are available on YouTube to help inform you further and maybe give you a little encouragement as we strive towards a brighter future for Ireland's environment!

Facebook Page

Our vision is a network of thriving ecosystems and sustainable communities all across the Biospheres, where humans remember that we are part of nature and live harmoniously with other species. Each challenge is designed to help us be better neighbours to our local biodiversity. Flourishing ecosystems will, in turn, reward us by reducing climate change, feeding us, benefiting our mental and physical health and more!

We encourage families, friends, communities and businesses to work together (in line with Covid-19 restrictions) to rethink our role in the ecosystem and take action. Each of the weekly challenges is a chance to try out a new Biosphere-friendly activity or idea, many of which we hope will become a regular part of your lives.


1. Do Nothing!

The first task challenged us to put away the lawnmower, slow down our busy pace of life, and simply watch nature take its course. As an avid supporter of insects, I had already won over my housemates to the idea of letting our garden grow.

Our lawn was already a flourishing wildflower meadow by the start of the challenge. While working from home, we spent our breaks observing the diversity of wildlife that has increased as a result. Highlights include my first ever ruby wasp, and a whole family of foxes!

So, for a new challenge, I set out with Oisín Slator, a fellow naturalist, to Sandycove beach. We planned to sit in silence with nature for at least ten minutes, and observe it with all our senses.


Having been deprived for so long of interaction with human beings outside of our own households, we had a lot of catching up to do, and keeping silent felt like a real challenge.

Eventually we zipped our mouths shut and quietly extended our gaze out to the rocks among the waves. Our silence lasted three minutes before I exclaimed with surprise, as the rocks we had paid little attention to while chatting lifted their heads and tails, revealing themselves to be seals! Or “the bananas of the sea”, as Oisín so poetically described them.

Who else is living right under our noses in the Biosphere, that we don’t notice because we are so human-focused and busy?

If you are taking on the Biosphere Challenge with young people, this is a great opportunity for them to gain the Dublin Bay Biosphere Award, and use the resources, featuring Naturally Wild’s Dale Treadwell, to guide your nature observations and learn from the natural curiosity of children.

Watch the first of out Biosphere Challenge ‘Our Natural Habitat’ webinars by clicking the link below.

Webinar One