Dublin Bay Biosphere Business Network

The vision of the Dublin Bay Biosphere’ seeks:

‘To celebrate and promote a wider appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of Dublin Bay, to capture the inherent passion of the community for the Biosphere concept and for the Dublin Bay Biosphere to be an exemplar for a new wave of biospheres in the world network’.

‘Dublin Bay Biosphere will be recognised and valued as a place where people, nature and culture connect, and where residents, visitors and businesses directly contribute to the conservation of their natural, cultural and built heritage through everyday actions. The Biosphere will support a strong local economy based on eco-tourism and responsible recreation, where statutory, NGO, business, community and environmental stakeholders work in partnership for a sustainable future’.

To acheive our vision the Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership is committed to the development of a Business Network and to provide support to those organisations who wish to do business in a more sustainable manner.


The Biosphere Business Network is open to organisations and businesses of all sectors who are committed to a sustainable future where man and nature coexist in harmony.

Organisations wishing to join the Business Network and who sign our charter, agree to:

Contribute towards achieving the Dublin Bay Biosphere Vision, to protect and promote our natural resources and cultural heritage, develop our economy in a sustainable way, and make our environmental impact positive wherever possible.

Once the charter is countersigned by the Biosphere Partnership you will be recognised as a Biosphere Champion and your company/ organisation will be added to the wall of Biosphere Champions.

Wall of Champions

Biosphere Branding


Members of the Dublin Bay Biosphere Business Network are permitted to use the Dublin Bay Biosphere logo and may refer to themselves as UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere Champions.

Logo’s and font’s will be supplied to business upon acceptance of their application by the Dublin Bay biosphere Partnership, who meet on a quarterly basis.

Please note: It is not permissible to use the UNESCO Parthenon logo on any commercial venture.

Please click this link to check out our resources page. This page will provide you with links to numerous useful sites offering advice on how to make your organisation more ecologically and environmentally sustainable.

Sustainable Business Resource Page

Biosphere Champions are expected to promote the Dublin Bay Biosphere, share details of your sustainable practices and be open to periodic reviews.

By joining Dublin Bay Biosphere Business Network you are sending a strong message to your clients and the community which demonstrates your commitment and support for our natural and cultural heritage.

In addition the association with UNESCO offers high reputational value on a global scale to organisations associated with it. Members will also benefit from marketing opportunities for sustainably products and sustainably managed environments and benefit from international networks through which to share experiences and develop networks.

Please click here to download a copy of our Business Charter.