Dublin Bay Biosphere Objective


Dublin Bay Biosphere seeks to celebrate and promote a wider appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of Dublin Bay. It is our ambition that:

‘Dublin Bay Biosphere will be recognised and valued as a place where people, nature and culture connect, and where residents, visitors and businesses directly contribute to the conservation of their natural, cultural and built heritage through everyday actions. The Biosphere will support a strong local economy based on eco-tourism and responsible recreation, where statutory, NGO, business, community and environmental stakeholders work in partnership for a sustainable future’.

The Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership is committed to working in partnership with local businesses to provide support and opportunities to those organisations who wish to do business in a more sustainable manner and contribute towards achieving the Dublin Bay Biosphere Vision, to protect and promote our natural resources and cultural heritage, develop our economy in a sustainable way, and make our environmental impact positive wherever possible.

Business Charter


As a first step in this process we have developed a “Biosphere Charter” for our Local “Biosphere Supporters” that embraces the ethos of our UNESCO Biosphere, we are committed to supporting local businesses to promote the ways that they contribute to supporting the local economy, environment and communities.

Biosphere Supporters are encouraged to take a leadership role in improving and promoting the sustainability of the region through increasing awareness and recognition of the Dublin Bay Biosphere.

This new Biosphere Charter is being used to reach out to businesses that can demonstrate their commitment to this ethos and can be summarised in the five principles below.

The first step is for businesses to sign up to the Biosphere Charter and become a proud supporter which shows your customers that you support the principals of our UNESCO Biosphere and that you care about sustainability.

The five principles of our Dublin Bay Biosphere Charter are to:

· Understanding the objectives and ambition of the Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere designation

UN GOAL 4 Quality Education

· Raising awareness of the Dublin Bay Biosphere within and beyond your company

UN GOAL 17 Partnership for the Goals

· Operating your business in a way which conserves natural resources and minimises waste

UN GOAL 12 Responsible Production and Consumption

UN GOAL 13 Climate Action

UN GOAL 14 Life under the water

UN GOAL 15 Life on the Land

· Supporting the local economy and local produce

UN GOAL 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

UN GOAL 11 Sustainable Cities

· Promoting cultural heritage

UN GOAL 4 Quality Education

UN GOAL 11 Sustainable Cities

Business Supporters

Application Process

Businesses who wish to become “Biosphere Supporters”, can complete the application form below and once approved will be able to use the UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere name and logo to promote their products and services. Supporters will also receive a Charter Certificate of Membership and have their name entered onto our ‘Biosphere Supporters’ page on our website.

When making an application to become a ‘Supporter’ applicants will be required to:

· List current sustainable practices.

· Outline plans to improve sustainability.

· Detail how they will promote/ support the Dublin Bay Biosphere

Application Form

Biosphere Champions

Businesses who demonstrated their continued commitment to the biosphere will have the opportunity to become “Biosphere Champions”, these businesses will need to demonstrate a higher degree of engagement with and commitment towards the biosphere through the production of an action plan and produce an annual report detailing their actions in support of the charter. Biosphere Champions will have their name and a brief bio entered onto our ‘Biosphere Champions’ page on our website.